Friday, June 1

Again, Leftist "comediennes" get away with stuff that gets regular people fired

How long will we continue to put up with Two Sets of Standards, where half of America is speech-patrolled and scalp-hunted and can be fired for saying something, while the other can do or say anything--no matter how offensive--and be praised by the Left?

What lesson do young people learn when they see there are two sets of laws--one for elites and insiders, that excuses everything, and a second set that punishes behavior that the first set accepts.

If we don't have one law for everyone, the entire concept of "law" is null.  In which case, why should anyone obey any law at all?

The idea of one set of laws applying equally to everyone--"equal treatment under the law"--is not a hard-to-understand, revolutionary idea.  If a rule shall be imposed on ordinary people, we should demand it be inflicted on the High Caste as well. If it is not to be inflicted on the High Caste, how can that caste demand that it be inflicted on others?

A rule that applies only to "ordinary" Americans is a partisan weapon--one that the Left eagerly, joyously uses at every opportunity.

The current system of two sets of rules was set up by leftist elites to punish conservatives and non-connected Americans while protecting leftists.  It's foolish to expect the Left to voluntarily abandon the two-standard system that's served them so well.  They won't let us go back to a single set of standards unless they feel real, personal pain.


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