Sunday, June 3

Lenin said... but U.S. leftists immediately said "He didn't mean that!"

Democrat/liberal responses:
  • Lenin never said this!  The claim that he said this is a lie by Trump to harm socialism!
  • He didn't really mean this literally--it's allegory!
  • He didn't mean this literally.  It's hyperbole!
  • He didn't mean this literally.  It's a joke!  You conservatives have no sense of humor!
  • If you're worried about this it means you're a raaaacist!
  • Why does this bother you?  After all, every survey shows young people in the U.S. prefer socialism over capitalism!
  • America will continue to be oppressive to minorities until we achieve equal outcomes!
  • Anyone who claims that electing president Obama (pbuh) showed that blacks had the same opportunity as whites is lying!  After all, only one of our 45 presidents was black.  See???
  • You conservatives are just trying to bust our wonderful teachers' union!  H8ers!
  • You comservatives are too stupid to understand the superiority of socialism.


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