Saturday, June 2

With six euro nations having banned covering the face, my prediction

Six European countries have now passed laws banning people from wearing clothing covering the entire face.  Denmark just joined France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Austria.

After years of watching how Islam and judges operate, allow me to predict what will happen: 
    Muslim groups will sue to have the law overturned.   They'll pick their venue carefully, to ensure a friendly judge hears the case.
    The judge--like the infamous judge in Hawaii who overturned Trump's order limiting U.S. visas from seven countries--will agree, citing freedom of religion.
    Even before this, countries that try to enforce the law will see riots, with hundreds of cars burned.  Liberal mayors will demand that national police not enforce the ban.
    Since the law won't be enforced, in a few years national legislatures will be pushed to repeal it.
    First to buckle will be Belgium, then the Netherlands. 


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