Thursday, May 31

Would you have trouble telling these two logos apart?

Ok people, here's the question:  If you saw the two logos below, would you have trouble telling them apart?  That is, would you be confused as to which was which?

I suspect not one of you out of a thousand would have any trouble distinguishing between them. And yet the owner of the one on the left made exactly that claim, asking the court to make the owners of the logo on the right pay them for "trademark infringement."

That's bad enough, but it gets worse:  Astonishingly, a jury agreed with the plaintiffs that the two were enough alike to confuse a reasonable person.

And tragically, as best I can determine, these jurors are typical of at least half the population of this country.

If you wonder why campus police at Berkeley stand around while "antifa" thugs beat conservative speakers; if you wonder why we still don't have a border wall; wonder why so many states and cities are giving the rest of the nation the finger by protecting illegal alien criminals and yet judges don't let the federal government cut off all aid to them; if you wonder why state social-welfare agencies keep signing illegals up for welfare even though that's supposedly against the rules; this jury verdict helps explain it.

Uneducated or stupid people--and highly educated leftists--can be talked into damn near anything.


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