Friday, June 1

An all-too-common street scene in the "new" U.K.

Leftists and Democrats in the U.S. want to make it illegal for "regular Americans" (i.e. not their bodyguards) to own a gun--because they tell you that a) criminals will turn in their guns, which will end gun violence; b) without their guns, crime will drop, because most crime is due to the fact that criminals have guns. 

This is so abysmally stupid that it's hard to believe that their voters believe this.  And surely the few smart Democrats don't.  But they keep quiet, and the majority of dumb-ass ones believe the lies.

Let's see how well that's worked in the U.K, where the attack below happened. 

The assholically-stupid, corrupt, pro-Muzz pols in the U.K don't let ordinary people own guns.  Which has stopped murders as well as strong-arm robbery, right?  Of course not.  But by all means, libs, keep pushing to disarm ordinary citizens here in the U.S.  Cuz we know your focus groups (Democrats) show this is a winning issue for ya.

BTW, a few seconds after this pic was taken the attacker managed to smash the passenger-side window. In another two seconds he would have been able to unlock the door and kill the driver. Fortunately the moment the attacker broke that window the driver jumped out his door and ran away--a million-to-one stroke of luck. Had the driver been 40 years old, that wouldn't have saved him.


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