Friday, June 1

Democrat's presidential candidate supports Samantha Bee calling president's daughter a c*nt on TV

A couple of days ago we saw dozens of "stars" (all leftists) supporting--yes, supporting--Samantha Bee calling Ivanka Trump a "feckless c*nt."  Conservatives claimed this was the position of virtually all Democrats.

And sure enough, none other than Hilliary Clinton tweeted her support--for a leftist female calling the president's daughter a c*nt on cable television:

Now think about this:  One of Hilliary's major support groups was women, and specifically feminists. How many of these supporters would have thought that Hilliary--that paragon of feminism--would tweet her support for a so-called "comedian" calling the president's daughter a c*nt on national television?

Hypocrites, every one of 'em.  But then, who's really surprised?


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