Thursday, May 31

New Left rule: Insult a female and you'll be fired. But not if you insult someone we hate

In cancelling Roseanne Barr's show the Left has now firmly laid down a marker:  If you make a tasteless slur against a female you'll be fired.

Under this new, no-tolerance standard any so-called comedienne who, say, called former first lady Michelle Obama a "feckless c*unt" would immediately be fired, right?

Especially if the "comedienne" made the horrible statement on live cable television, and even worse if the line was part of a written and vetted script instead of a clumsy ad-lib, right?

But in this case Leftist elites will totally ignore the slur--because the so-called comedienne was leftist Trump-hater Samantha Bee, and her "feckless c*nt" slur was directed at the president's daughter Ivanka. 

Wow, it's almost like the Leftist elites are...uh...hypocritical or something.

Someone higher up at TBS finally pushed Bee to apologize, but Left/lib papers had already published their approvals.

Actual clip here.

Left/liberal organs like the Washington Post and USA Today ran stories that were either vague or downright approving.  USA-T simply said "Samantha Bee has a message for Ivanka."  Later they deleted it and replaced it with a backdated story about her apology, but too late--someone captured it.

The WaPo weighs in:

Conservative commenters immediately asked the Post why liberals, Democrats and Post editors weren't equally unhappy about Bee's slur.  But of course everyone knew why.

Bee is like a bratty 5 year old that curses in front of company.  Nothing will happen to her because Leftist "elites" have ruled that's it's perfectly okay for liberal comics to verbally assault conservative women.  Ask Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin. 


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