Friday, June 1

A rare win for free speech in Oregon

In my experience, far too many public school administrators tend to be little Hitlers.  "You'll obey me or you'll be punished," even when what the adminishit is ordering is unconstitutional as hell.

Example: Last January an Oregon highschool student wore a tee-shirt printed with “Donald J. Trump Border Wall Construction Co.”  An assistant principal ordered him to cover the shirt, claiming that another student and a teacher were offended by the shirt.

The guy initially complied, but then later changed his mind.  A few minutes later the same assistant principal ordered a "school resource officer" to remove the student from the class, and told him he could face a 10-day suspension for “defiance.”

The student sued the school principal and the district.

In court, attorneys for the school district argued that the shirt "created a hostile learning environment” and “would make students feel insecure in school,” noting that a third of its students are Hispanic.  In noting the large percentage of Hispanic students the attorneys noted that the school had been the site “of recent student walkouts and sit-ins to protest Trump’s immigration policies.”

Judge Michael Mosman recognized the double-standard, under which the school permitted one of Barnes’ teachers to display a sign in front of a classroom that reads, “Sanctuary City, Welcome Home.” yet barred the student's free speech.  He ruled for the student.

Now, before y'all celebrate a rare victory over the otherwise-dominant double-standards of liberals ("We liberals can say or do anything, you conservatives can't.") it's important to note that this ruling doesn't bind any other court or jurisdiction.  And that since the individual who ordered the student removed from class wasn't hit with any personal penalty, it won't constrain any other adminishit in the country.

As long as the Hitler class isn't at risk of paying a personal price for denying students' free speech rights, they'll keep doing it.

Of course school boards could change this, by telling adminishits not to punish students for wearing shirts with non-profane sayings.  But that won't happen, because most school boards have been taken over by left/liberal/Democrat/socialist/SJWs--who absolutely love ensuring that schools continue to be controlled by the Left.


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