Sunday, June 3

If you think the Mainstream Media is honest, check their reactions to the election 18 months ago

Unless you're a political junkie you didn't watch the mainstream media melt down as the election results came in from 2016.  Accordingly, you didn't get to see how much every talking head in the mainstream media hates Trump and conservatives. 

I missed seeing the media's hate-fest that night--went to sleep early.  But recently I stumbled on a bunch of video clips of every network except Fox wailing and tearing their hair about this awful loss  for the sainted Hilliary, and how we were all doomed with Trump as president.

Now, I'm not a diehard Trump supporter but I was shocked.  Everyone knew the Mainstream Media loved Hilliary and hated Trump, but to see it all caught on video was astonishing.  If I hadn't seen the videos I wouldn't have believed these rat-bastards would so viciously demonize the president-elect.  But they did. 

If you care about the future of this country, you should take a look at the clips below.  Because if you don't know what they are, what they believe, you'll continue to think they're just like normal people, and that they don't want you to just die.

If you believe Democrats/"Progressives" are rational, note this next clip, in which nasty rat-bastard Cenk Ugyur responds to the election by saying (at 7:27) "We've handed almost unlimited power to a fascist wannabe."  Wow.

Watch the lying media do what they do best:  Lie to help Democrats.  Watch as a propagandist on MSNBC practically wets himself with excitement because their polls show that in Kansas--usually strongly Republican--Trump only leads queen Hilliary by a slim three percent!

Trump ended up winning that state by a 20.7 percent margin (57% to 36.3%).   But hey, you should always trust the Mainstream Media, citizen--because they're scrupulously honest--not biased for Democrats at all.

Another propagandist breathlessly tells us that even usually-conservative Texas is "in play," with Hilliary trailing by just 4 percent.  Trump ended up winning Texas by 9 percent.  (In case you missed it, when Obastard won 52 to 48 the media called that a "landslide."  Wow.) 


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