Monday, March 12

A bit of history from pre-WW2

If you're under 40 or so you know next to nothing about how Adolf Hitler managed to win power in Germany, and use the power of one of the most advanced nations on earth to start World War 2. 

It's not your fault that you don't know about this: your schools never said jack about it.  So we'll fix that.

Hitler convinced the German people that they'd been oppressed by the terms of the treaty that followed the Great War--World War 1.  There was a lot of truth in this, as many historians have since pointed out, and his spellbinding speeches won lots of followers.

But things didn't really get spooled up until the country's public schoolteachers began to speak glowingly of Germany's "rightful place in the world" around 1930.  Young, naive, impressionable, hormone-driven students ate it up.  And by the time Hitler was ready to pull the trigger nine years later, the naive 13-to-20-year-olds were fighting age--and ready to go to war to avenge all that unfairness by the Allies of WW1.

That's actually happening here.  Today.  But this time it's being run by the Left.  They hold a total monopoly on all levels of public "education," and they never miss a chance to indoctrinate their young, naive, impressionable, emotional, students.  Teachers and professors endlessly assault their captive audience about the alleged evils of white males, the Second Amendment, conservatives, capitalism, free speech, free markets, Christianity, the electoral college and Donald Trump, while totally ignoring the REAL problems of socialism, Marxism and all totalitarian states.

The fact that the Leftist agenda sets up some obvious contradictions doesn't bother 'em in the least, because they know their captive audience doesn't know enough to see those contradictions.  For example:  The left sneers at Christianity--and indeed virtually all religions--except one:  Islam.  Schools across the U.S. are requiring students to study Islam.  Not the reality, but a carefully sanitized version that carefully omits all the phrases in Koran that read "Kill the infidel."  "Strike their necks."

In case you weren't sure, the "infidel" the Koran refers to is you, citizen. 

Anyway, the point is that--as Marx pointed out--if you get control of the schools you can destroy a country as surely as defeating it on the battlefield.  All that's needed is for the young to believe that their country is evil--because if that's true it can't be worth defending.

We'll finish with a pic of hundreds of earnest young faces.  True believers, educated indoctrinated to do anything for The Cause.  Lots of misery came out of that.  And will again.


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