Saturday, March 3

A law-enforcement officer critiques the FBI

As the number of proven, known crimes committed by top FBI officials increases exponentially, a guy with law-enforcement experience wrote this:
1) The FBI has long been known for falsifying evidence and agents committing perjury.
2) The FBI has long been known for "inexplicably" losing items that have been subpoenaed.
3) These things have been going on for decades if not generations.
4) The FBI doesn't investigate or charge anyone who is politically or financially powerful, especially Leftists.
5) They have a better history of enabling terrorist attacks or ignoring "known wolves" than of stopping them.
6) It's not just a few at the top, but all levels.
7) Top officials are the ones in charge of recruiting, hiring and promoting.   Any rank-and-file agent who shows signs of integrity is identified early, and not promoted significantly.
8) The field agents had to know what was going on in DC, yet not a word leaked out to anyone. The violations of the Constitution and laws, and their oaths, were less important to than their paychecks. Which makes them corrupt too.
9) The FBI is irredeemably corrupt and needs to be totally abolished.  If congress insists on replacing it, start a new organization with NO carryover personnel, as not one of them can be trusted.
10) Yes, there will be a period where the DOJ investigative functions will be less efficient. But as it is now, no DOJ investigation can be trusted to be honest.  As things stand, the only thing the FBI can be trusted to do is to violate the Constitution and block any honest investigation into their crimes.
I'm thinking he nailed it.  And now there are indications that the DOJ inspector-general, Horowitz--an Obama holdover--may be one of the corrupt ones too.  Is there even one honest person left in what was once thought to be the "top law-enforcement agency in the country"? 


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