Wednesday, March 7

A modest proposal for gun grabbers

I see the president of the NAACP says they want to essentially confiscate guns.  I think this is an idea that's certainly worth exploring.

In fact I think it's such a promising idea that it should be tried out for a year.  In Chicago.

I'm serious.  Go "full Australia" on the residents.  Confiscate all their guns.  Then give things a year (or maybe two would be better).  If the president of the NAACP--and all the other "gun banners" are right--and since they're all liberals, surely they must be--then crime and shootings should virtually disappear after the guns are gone, eh?

Here's another idea:  Take guns away from everyone in Hollywood.  And from their bodyguards and security people.  See what happens.  Cuz if the libs are right, the places where guns are banned should quickly see crime vanish.

Seriously, I think Trump could have lots of fun with this.  Offer libs a chance to "walk the walk" and show they really do believe what they're spouting.

Why do I have this feeling that they won't wanna give up their protection?


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