Thursday, March 8

Democrats and their media allies gearing up to ban more guns--again

When you hear Democrat party leaders--Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth "Lieawatha" Warren and the rest of the scum--wailing that guns are just awful and that we simply must ban civilian ownership of guns "for the children," consider this:

Yes, Americans own more guns per-capita than any other nation--1.1 guns per person.  So by liberal/Democrat logic ("guns kill people, so more guns = more murders"), obviously we should have more gun murders per person than any other country, right?

So you'll probably be stunned to learn that we don't.  In fact we're not even 4th or 5th.

Not 10th.  Not 20th.  Not even 50th.

The U.S. is actually 99th among all nations in gun homicides per person.

And if you take out murders committed by members of groups for whom shooting others is a normal part of life (no, not cops; figure it out), the U.S. has fewer gun murders per capita than virtually any other country.
So not only is there NO positive correlation between numbers of guns and gun murder rate, the two statistics actually seem to be inversely related.

As many have noted, "An armed society is a polite society," simply because a 6'6", 300-pound thug can't just waltz in to an unarmed house and know he can just take what he wants--or rape your daughter--without risking death at the hands of an armed homeowner.

Give up guns and you have no defense against thugs.  Just as the U.K. and Germany are learning--much to the dismay of their people.

Of course the Democrats will try to ban any weapon they can, under any pretext: (It's black.  Scary.  Used by the military.  Has a handle on top.  Can be equipped with a scope.  Magazine can hold more than 3 rounds.)  Because a disarmed society is helpless against further government abuse.


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