Friday, March 9

Experts expected the U.S. economy would created X jobs last month; What actually happened?

Among the statistics I pay attention to are the monthly reports of job creation and total workforce participation.  And back when Obama was the golden god of the media class, I noticed that virtually every month, "experts" would predict that the economy would add, say, 180,000 new jobs in the coming month.

The actual number was always way under the estimate--sometimes barely half the forecast.  And every time, the Lying Mainstream Media would say "Unexpectedly, job numbers failed to reach what economists expected."

The media used that word "unexpectedly" every time.  (In fact, so often that it became an inside joke on the internet.  Like, "Muslim bomber unexpectedly kills 40 civilians in French town.") 

To make things worse (for Democrats, anyway), not only did the economy unexpectedly fail to match job creation forecasts, part of the monthly report "corrected" the number of jobs that were reportedly created the previous month.  And interesstingly, this correction always showed even fewer jobs created than first reported.  Every time.  So the correct numbers were even worse than the unexpectedly low job creation numbers first announced.

Every.  Time.

Now let's fast-forward to the current, reportedly-awful Trump era.  Job creation has been soaring for months.  The "experts" were sure this was just an anomaly--a blip, a fluke, and couldn't continue,  In any case the expert forecast was that the economy would add 200,000 jobs in February.

The figures were just announced.  And guess what?

The economy added 313,000 jobs in February.  That is, the economy exceeded the "expert" forecast by not just five or ten percent, but by more than 50 percent!

So surely this will be the lead item on all the evening newscasts this evening, right?


No, it won't.  Because the media will do anything--tell any lie, hide any truth--to harm Trump and the Republicans, or to benefit Democrats.

Aren't you glad there's no bias in the Lying Mainstream Media?


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