Friday, March 9

Federal judge rules that a funeral home can't fire an employee for cross-dressing

If you're like most Americans you don't have time to keep up with seemingly-small events that show our nation has been overrun and trashed by leftists at every level of government, the courts and the media.  And here's example #459,089:

In the Peoples' Republic of Michigan a male employee of a funeral home started dressing as a woman, even at work.  The owner of the funeral home--having years of experience with the stress family members are under when a family member dies--felt that being confronted with a cross-dressing employee would very likely increase the stress on customers, and thus hurt his business.

Accordingly, he told the employee to dress as a man or find another job.  The employee refused, and was fired.

Given the current state of society, the employee immediately sued--confident that virtually every juror in the "progressive," leftist, socialist, moonbat Peoples' Republic of Michigan would award him a princely sum for his employer insisting that he not dress as a woman while at work.

As you expected, the cross-dressing former employee went screaming to the federal "Equal Employment Opportunity Commission."  You need to know that the EEOC is a cesspool of leftist gay fanatics, which routinely ruins small-business owners who don't toe the Democrat/liberal/left line.

Using taxpayer funds, the federal agency filed suit on behalf of the fired employee--relieving the employee from spending his own funds.  Seriously.  This is what your government does all the time.

Two years ago a federal district court ruled against the employee, ruling that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act allowed the owner to run his business in accordance with his sincerely-held religious convictions.

But if you think that's the end of the story, you clearly haven't been paying attention:  The EEOC--now joined by the scum at the ACLU--appealed the district court's decision to the Sixth Circuit court of appeals--saving the fired tranny from spending his own money on the appeal. 

Two days ago, in a decision written by moonbat judge Karen Moore, the Sixth Circuit ruled that the former employee's cross-dressing didn't impose a burden on the religious beliefs of the funeral home’s operator, and thus the firing wasn't protect under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  The court returned the dispute to the lower court for “further proceedings consistent with this opinion.

The wording of the appeals court decision is extremely important here:  Judge Moore is signaling that the lower court had better return a decision "consistent with" Moore's opinion, or risk being overturned.  This cunning phrase lets Moore avoid the heat of directly reversing the lower court, while accomplishing exactly that.  In effect, the appellate court decision now bars business owners from firing a cross-dressing employee even when the employee's appearance would arguably harm the business and violate the employer's religious beliefs.

In a free country a business owner should be able to employ whomever he chooses, instead of being forced by an insane, out-of-control government to continue to employ people who won't help him put the best face on his business.

Thanks to decades of liberal infestation, the U.S. is clearly no longer a free country.  The Sixth Circuit decision has moved the ratchet one more notch in the direction of tyranny, depravity, and insanity.

And here's the former employee--now in line for a big payday unless the Supreme Court overturns the Sixth Circuit:

Aimee Stephens, photo from ACLU website courtesy of Aimee Stephens

And here's who's running the country now:  judges like Karen Moore, appointed by...Bill Clinton.

Image of Karen Moore


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