Thursday, January 11

How can the Left and Antifa logically support unlimited Muslim immigration?

Islamic jihadists have openly vowed to destroy Western civilization.  What may seem a bit surprising is that the Left--Marxists, anarchist and self-labelled "antifascists" (actually radical leftists) support the jihadists in this goal.

The mystery resolves itself when you understand that the radical Left never planned to conquer the west by force of arms, but by winning control of the ballot box.  Once a leftist party was elected to run a country, no one could object when the Left started imposing firmer controls on everything.  After all, they'd won the election, eh?  Democracy rules, comrade.

Once the former communist states of eastern Europe overthrew their dictators and began to take the first steps toward a free market, the Left realized it would be far harder to regain control by simply touting the marvelous advantages of communism.  With a couple of rare exceptions (Angela Merkel), communists realized they weren't going to win many more elections.

Muslim leaders immediately recognized Leftists as natural allies, since Leftist politicians--eager for new votes--would push for open borders and unlimited welfare for new "arrivals."  At the same time the Left's media allies would demonize anyone who objected as "raacist" or xenophobic.  A key part of this tactic was to discredit any objectors as "anti-immigrant"--totally false but extremely effective in silencing critics.

The Left wasn't worried by the fact that Islam had openly vowed to destroy the West.  Since leftists are comfortable with the idea of saying anything--no matter how absurd--to win their goal, they would naturally assume the tale of "we will turn the entire world into an Islamic caliphate" was simply propaganda spouted by the leaders to keep ordinary jihadis fired up. 

Moreover, because the Left has firmly welded itself to the notion that "multiculturalim" is absolutely wonderful, importing a few million Muslims was proof young Leftists of the virtue of their leaders.  Supporting unlimited Muslim immigration became a virtue signal to the elites.

The Left's worship of multiculturalism--and simultaneous contempt for Christianity--enabled it to totally ignore the fact that ISIS routinely stoned gays, endorsed gender apartheid, and exhorted followers to rape and murder non-Muslims.  Not a problem to Leftists--can't make an omelette without breaking eggs, eh comrade?

Since the Left abhors religion, you'd think the extreme devotion Muslims have to Islam would be a concern to the Left, but it seems not to bother them--possibly because they're familiar with the tolerant religion of Christianity and believe all religions are similar.  The Left is perfectly happy to ignore that when the communists and Islamists joined to overturn the shah of Iran, after the Shah fled, the mullahs eliminated the communists.

But of course to the Left, history holds no lessons that Marx and Lenin didn't already explain.



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