Friday, August 4

Twitter's U.S. user base drops by 2 million last quarter; stock plummets 14%; gosh, why??

Twitter had a bad day. The company’s stock dropped 14% after it announced a loss of $116.5 million last quarter and a decline in the number of U.S. users. From CNN Money:
Twitter reported Thursday that its monthly user base in the U.S. declined to 68 million in the most recent quarter from 70 million in the previous quarter.
Its global user base was 328 million, unchanged from the prior quarter. Analysts had been expecting Twitter to add at least a few million users…
Twitter has been struggling to win more advertising dollars in the face of lackluster user growth. In the most recent quarter, the company’s revenue fell 5% from the same period a year earlier.
Twitter has never had a profitable quarter, so it’s not like its stock is simply backing off from an earlier high.

Gosh, what in the world could account for a drop in U.S. users?  Could it possibly be that a growing number of users are absolutely fed up with Twitter's routine suspension of a user's account if the user tweets something Twitter's social-justice warriors don't like?

Yep.  Check out the comments:
  "They harass conservatives over nothing while refusing to deal with lefty death threats."
  "Perhaps blatant censorship of a "free" network is not a good business model."
  "They shot themselve in the foot when they created a laughably-misnamed "Trust and Safety Panel" to ban tweets that weren't politically correct.  As a result, folks are moving to other platforms to talk openly and avoid that censorship. Just like ESPN, MARVEL, etc, forcing SJW values on people is not well received.  I hope Twitter goes bankrupt, and perhaps a new, uncensored app will replace it.
Twitter == Huffington Post or Democrat Underground.  If you want frank, open discussion don't bother.


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