Sunday, July 30

Lebanese man in German jail set for release despite threatening to carry out terror attacks

Leftists, marxists, socialists and so-called "progressives" don't want us to draw any conclusions about what's happening to Europe.  We're not Europe, they say, so we shouldn't bother trying to analyze their problems, cuz there's no benefit.

This is total crap.  Reason:  We have the same pressures--from leftists and the leaders of the Dem party--to accept a horde of immigrants.  And politicians are virtually the same here as in Europe, in that 99 percent will do whatever they think (is best for the country?  Hahahaha!) is most likely to get them re-elected.  And in the current political climate--driven by the Lying Media and their army of Trump-haters-- that means politicians will pander to immigrants, since that punches their virtue cards with the media, and their goofy snowflake supporters.

So here's how bad things are in Germany, under the insane policies of comrade Merkel:

A 27-year-old Lebanese migrant is set to be released from prison in Berlin despite threatening to carry out terror attacks after his release.

Seriously.  Officials in Berlin say the guy has vowed to “use every opportunity for an attack on unbelievers after detention,” Die Welt reports.

Authorities say he already had a violent personality which made him “a threat to internal security in Germany and the people around him.”  Data gathered from the man’s mobile phone showed he was in close contact with violent Islamists across Germany.  He is also reported to have written that “unbelievers” should be punished.

The German government wanted to deport the man back to Lebanon, but haven't done so because... he has no documentation.  German officials went so far as to go to the man's home town in Lebanon and try to get local officials to issue new papers, but the local authorities refused.

Now, pay attention, folks:  The European Commission--run for and by leftist socialists--has decreed that member nations can't deport anyone to their nation of origin if the potential deportee claims to be at risk of persecution or death if returned.  The "migrants" instantly realized that a deportation threat could be defeated simply by claiming that you'd committed a crime back home and would be killed if you returned.  Or that you'd angered some powerful tribal leader who would kill you if you returned.

If you were from a country that was peaceful and you didn't know the name of any crazy tribal leader, the fix was to destroy any papers you had showing your home country, then claim to be from Syria, since the EU wouldn't let member states deport "migrants" back to that nation because it was and is mired in civil war.

So...if this is the way "migrants" beat deportation in Europe, you can bet they'll try the same defense here.  Oh wait, they already have.  And our courts are totally on their side.

What's really funny about the Germans trying to deport this 27-year-old jihadist is that officials took the time and effort to go to Lebanon to try to get permission to send him back, but Lebanese authorities refused.  But it shows how far the warped policies have the tail wagging the dog in the EU.


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