Sunday, July 30

Chicago jail giving heroin-overdose antidote to released inmates; claims it's "combatting drug epidemic"

You may have heard that in the last two or three years there's been a huge increase in the use of "opioids"--drugs similar to heroin--in the U.S.  The Lying Media calls it an epidemic, and they're incensed that the Trump administration hasn't made $100 million available to fight it.

Okay.  So if a couple of jails in major opioid-epidemic cities decided to use taxpayer funds to give released prisoners inhalers of the anti-overdose drug, would you consider this a move intended to fight drug use, or something intended to keep heroin users alive and able to continue their addiction--thus doing nothing to fight the problem but garnering more votes for city pols from families of addicts?

Most people wouldn't have any problem answering that question.

By contrast, ABC news describes this move "as part of a multifaceted approach to combatting the nation's opioid epidemic."

For some reason I'm just not seeing the "combatting" part here.  What I do see is a move by politicians to describe this policy as "combatting" heroin use--which punches their virtue cards with every reporter and leftist.  Cuz the best way to fight addiction is to help make it safer for addicts to use potentially deadly drugs, right?

Honestly, I'm surprised LA and Chicago and NYC haven't followed the lead of Democrat-controlled Seattle and opened taxpayer-funded offices where junkies can shoot up using clean, taxpayer-provided syringes, with taxpayer-funded nurses standing by to give 'em an antidote if they OD.  Now that sounds like a great way to "combat the opioid epidemic," eh?


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