Friday, July 28

Another edition of "Fact or Fake"

It's time once again for "Fact or Fake"--the game where you're challenged to tell whether "news" items really happened or were just propaganda spewed by the Trump-hating, America-hating media.  So....

When the president's press secretary read a letter to the president, allegedly from a 9-year-old kid, the Left and mainstream media reacted how?
  • mostly said "Ohh, how cute!" and went back to covering charges of collusion with Russia;
  • ignored it altogether because they didn't want to detract from charges of collusion with...
  • claimed the letter was a fake, made up by Trump and staff, so the kid didn't exist;
  • asked handwriting experts to analyze the letter to see if a 9-year-old could have written it;
  • found it highly suspicious that the letter included a hyphen, which they felt was way too sophisticated for the average 9-year-old;
  • claimed it was extremely suspicious that the pic of the "alleged" letter released by the press secretary didn't seem to show any creases.  But it would have to have been folded to fit in an envelope, so...;
  • concluded that the letter was a fake;
  • were delighted to discover that the letter really was written by a 9-year-old.
When you've made your choices, here's how a mainstream fish-wrap reported the story.


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