Saturday, July 29

Interesting ideas as the Lying Media continue to demonize Trump and conservatives

From commenters at Belmont Club:

It's not just Washington that's melting down. A new poll says that 41% of Americans and 70% of Democrats support impeaching President Trump.
THAT'S the consequence of our corrupt media's 24/7 big lie. It's hard to see how democratic institutions can function when an entire industry is devoted to lying to the populace in an effort to destroy those institutions.

We know from the general election that opinion polls are worthless. We also know from our experience of the last 30 years that the MSM always, constantly lies to advance the cause of the Left. The media is their propaganda organ.
President Trump's election was supposed to be a repudiation of the power of the MSM and the Leftist policies they support. Unfortunately, the Big Lie has kept Trump from draining the swamp.

Dr. Goebbels, Lenin, Mao, Schicklgruber and the rest all understood that if people hear the same lie often enough, eventually they come to believe it's true.

Nearly everyone now knows that almost everything the MSM says is a lie, but most people only hear the MSM repeating the same lies over and over again. They listen--and pay attention--because it is ***entertaining***.

The Left's message is still getting through.  And will always get through, since they have no competition in their field.

Repeat the big lie often enough and eventually it will destroy our democracy, as surely as a stream of water slowly wearing down granite.

Another commenter:
The hard Marxist left--or as they cunningly call themselves, "progressives"-- [Soros, Obama, Tides Foundation,CFAP/ Media Matters, CAIR, LA RAZA, SPLC, MoveOn, ACLU, the screaming whores of the MSM, the entire leadership of the Democratic Party, the OFA, etc...] want nothing less then to eviscerate the US Constitution, by any means possible.

When Trump won, their plan to do this by degrees failed and was immediately replaced by a carefully crafted, highly funded hissy fit--with the full cooperation of the Lying Media.

To remove our Constitutional Republic, four major changes must occur--and are occuring.
  1.  Anyone who wanted to post anything political on the internet would need a license from the government;
  2.  'Free Speech" would be limited to designated areas at the edges of public spaces, to reduce the number of listeners;
  3.  Vastly increase illegal immigration;
  4.  Make it increasingly difficult for citizens to use cash;
  5.  Either ban gun ownership or else stringently enforce gun registration (leading to confiscation);

If the Deep State (Marxists) can remove Trump, and use that giddy momentum to win in 2020, these things will happen within a matter of months.  And our Republic will be no more.


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