Sunday, July 30

Leftist/Dem site deletes tweet predicting "98.1% probability" of Hilliary win

When people have made a prediction that turns out to be spectacularly wrong, a good indicator of their character--or lack of it--is whether they try to delete all evidence that they made the way-wrong prediction. 

Can you guess how people with character will react compared to those with no character?

Of course you can.

So with that established:  Below is a tweet the charmless leftists at HuffPo spouted two days before the election, predicting--as did every Hilliary-loving, Trump-hating, Democrat-loving, socialist-loving mainstream media propaganda organ--stating that the probability of Hilliary winning was (let's check the figure below, shall we?)  was...98.1 percent.

But now for some reason they seem to have deleted that tweet.  Guess it was probably taking up too much space on twitter's servers. 

No, wait, I got it:  Twitter was about to charge huge users for old tweets, and HuffPo was simply trying to save money.

Yeh, dat's it.  But why just delete that one?  Yeah, that's sorta' puzzling.  Couldn't just be that they didn't want people in the future to see evidence of their missed prediction, could it?

But hey, virtually every mainstream pollster and media outlet thought Hills would win.  It was an absolute miracle that she didn't.  I certainly didn't think there was any way Trump could win.  So to delete your wrong prediction seems...motivated by the desire to erase your mistakes.  

But hey, leftists.  No shock.


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