Sunday, June 4

"Trump's pulling us out of the Paris accord will destroy the world!"

The moment Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris "climate accord" (the updated, trendy name for what was formerly called "global warming") the chorus of screaming fits began.  It started so fast--mostly by people who know nothing about the science--that one is compelled to ask, Was it ever really about climate or is it really mainly about the money?

Roger Simon tells about a conversation at the UN climate conference in Copenhagen at the end of 2009--the one held in single-digit temperatures and near-blizzard conditions.  

During one of the many tedious panel discussions Simon found himself next to the representative of one of the Pacific islands that the warmies said was on the verge of being swallowed up by a rising sea level.  Simon offered his sympathy about the imminent fate of the man's forecast-to-soon-vanish homeland--whereupon the diplomat started laughing. 

"Don't you believe in global warming?" Simon asked.

"It's nonsense," the diplomat replied.  He went on to explain that his island was just fine, thank you.  They'd had a bit of bad weather and had put up sandbags, but now they'd been removed.  

So Simon then asked why he'd come all the way from the South Pacific to Denmark if flooding wasn't imminent.  Simon says "He looked at me in astonishment. "For the money," he said.  His expression suggested he now considered Simon to be rather naive.

And it IS about the money--obscenely large amounts of money, almost all of it extorted from successful, highly productive capitalist nations by socialist, communist or merely totalitarian ones.  The Paris accord would have resulted in Democrat presidents giving away billions in taxpayer dollars--as Obama did--for virtually no measurable amount of cooling.  

Of course we'd end up borrowing from China every dollar Democrats made us pay to the global-warming climate-change cartel.

As it happens, very few of the folks who believe global warming climate change is caused by CO2 emitted by human acctions have ever read a scientific paper on the topic.  After all, very few people have enough education to actually understand science, so they rely on the conclusions of scientific journals like the New York Times.  Fortunately the elites have told them the science is settled.
Congratulations to Trump for recognizing that 1) the idea that the globe is warming by an amount statistically greater than in past decades is not at all settled;  2) the theory that CO2 is responsible for global warming is not only not settled, it's looking shakier with every passing day;  3) the idea that the Paris accords would have reduced global temperatures at all is pure fantasy.


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