Friday, June 2

Latest vid from Evergreen: student demand not to be penalized for failing to do assignments due to protest

The latest video in the continuing story of the outrageous "protests" at Evergreen State shows a group of "special snowflakes" confronting the president of the liberal-arts college--a classic soft, pencil-neck liberal. 

One of the snowflakes notes that because the horribly-oppressed students have been forced to take their valuable time to demonstrate about the unfairness and racism of a faculty member's refusal to leave the campus when black students demanded it, they haven't had time to do various end-of-term class assignments.  The snowflake then demands that student demonstrators not be penalized for not submitting assignments on time, or at all.

The snowflake demands that the president of the U instruct faculty members to do as she demands.  And the liberal president of the U agrees, saying he'll work with faculty to...Ooooh, dat ain't good enough!  A bunch of the student protestors simultaneously interrupt, shouting that he's the president so should be able to demand that the faculty do as he commands.

They also bitch when he says "I'm just trying to respond," and "I talk with my hands a lot."  Finally he pleads (at 1:22) that his lack of coherence is caused by the fact that he has claustrophobia--a plea the students loudly deride. 

It's a classic, grovelling performance that should be shown to all liberal adminishits and faculty.  His performance has ensured hundreds of repetitions of this protest at other schools.


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