Saturday, June 3

Imam endorses FGM on video--with a twist

Old and boring:  An "imam" endorses female genital mutilation for young girls--"but only when done properly."  Claims it cures them of "hypersexuality."  His entire declaration is on video.  Guy is speaking English, so defenders can't claim "You Islamophobic deplorables mis-translated the Arabic."

New and worth noting:  This particular imam runs a mosque in Fairfax county, Virginia.

For moonbats educated in our Islam-loving public skools, that's in the U.S.

Naturally you don't believe the guy really said that--and I can't blame you:  You can't believe anyone can openly advocate FGM here in the U.S. and not be prosecuted.  For those who'd claim that anything that's part of a religious belief must be allowed because of "freedom of religion," consider that the federal government barred members of LDS from continuing their early practice of polygamy.  Claiming freedom of religion won't permit a religion to practice, say, human sacrifice.  Or to throw gays off rooftops. 

So why does this guy get a pass from authorities?

Oh yeah:  Islam, and risk-averse government officials.

Here's the video of the guy endorsing FGM--in the U.S.
If that link doesn't work, use this one.


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