Friday, June 2

Obama response to Trump withdrawing from Paris climate accord

Statement from Barack Obama's spokesman on Trump's announcement to withdraw from Paris climate accord:
A year and a half ago the world came together with the first-ever global agreement to protect the world from the deadly gas CO2--which as everyone knows is produced by burning carbon fuels like gasoline and coal.

This magnificent achievement was made possible by my foresight and leadership--the same skill that gave everyone in this country free health insurance, regardless of citizenship.  During my first term the government invested billions of dollars in cutting-edge green-energy technology--companies like Solyndra, specializing in wind and solar.  Republicans said this was a waste of money, especially after many of these companies failed, but I persisted.  I encouraged other nations to help achieve the crucial goal of reducing carbon emissions, and they followed my lead.

Now green energy has created ten million new, high-paying jobs for Americans.  The result was the best economy in our history, with record-breaking economic growth every year.  In fact, under my leadership more Americans had good jobs than ever before.

Critical private-sector companies saw this was a great idea and got on-board early--companies like MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC that produce so many of the products Americans want and need.  In fact every country that signed the Paris accords has seen record economic prosperity--which is why almost no one is crossing into the U.S. now.

Republicans have criticized the Paris agreement because the two nations with the greatest number of people--China and India--didn't commit to anything.  But the important thing is that they signed the agreement.  And just like my historic agreement with Iran on nuclear weapons, the terms of such an agreement aren't really important.  What matters is using our excellent negotiating skill to get them to *sign* an agreement.

Now one of the most stupid people in the history of the world has announced that the U.S. will withdraw from the accords.  This will certainly doom our planet, because all scientists agree that the science of global warming is totally settled.  We've known everything about how the planet's climate works for several years now, and it's a crime against humanity that a president believes he has the power to unilaterally withdraw from a solemn treaty--or accord, which is just like a treaty.  The only reason I didn't submit it to the senate to have it ratified was that all the senators told me ratification was a complete certainty so there was no need to waste their time.

While America is now the laughingstock of the world for this boneheaded move, I'm confident that our good Democrat-controlled cities and states will step up and lead the way to a no-carbon future, just as they've already stepped up to shelter undocumented Americans from those awful Republicans who want them to go home. 

It's the least we can do to prevent the deadly pollutant CO2 from destroying the one planet we've got.
I got that from MSNBC but have been having some trouble with my laptop recently so it's possible a couple of sentences may be garbled.  But the meaning comes thru clearly, I think.


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