Friday, June 2

Moonbats warning about CO2 dooming planet live like they don't believe their own line

Leftist, socialists, Democrats and assorted moonbats scream that carbon dioxide is fatally warming the planet.  A lot of folks are starting to wonder whether they really believe the crap they scream at the rest of us.

If you really believed CO2 generated by humans was leading to the extinction of human life, would you continue to drive a car?  Continue to use utility-generated electricity?  Continue to eat any kind of meat?

Would you continue buy any consumer products that weren't hand-made, like iPhones?  Buy anything made of metal or glass?  Continue to fly?  Air-condition and heat your home or apartment?

If you really believed the party line on global warming, how could you continue living like your own choices didn't matter?  Yet somehow the climate commies manage.  They scream about CO2 but still drive.  They buy the newest iPhone every 18 months, fly to Cannes festivals, buy imported foods.

If the people screaming at the rest of us don’t believe their own propaganda, why should the rest of us take their warnings seriously?


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