Friday, June 2

Woman who posed for pic holding up severed head of the president claims she's been bullied--by the Trump family!

A couple of days ago un-funny comedian Kathy Griffin posted a photo of her holding up what appeared to be a blood-covered severed head--made to look like President Trump. 

This is what passes for clever among Leftists.  But to her surprise, far more people hit the Net to express outrage than support.

Oooh.  Fortunately asshole Al Franken rallied to her side, saying he was still looking forward a joint appearance with her next month.

But then last night even the awful Franken had second thoughts, "suggesting" that she not appear with him.

When you've lost Al Franken, do you have any supporters left?

So Griffin quickly lawyered up, hiring Gloria Alred's daughter, who's scheduled a press conference for today to wail that Griffin is actually the victim here.

Not kidding: the attorney tweeted
"Ms. Griffin...will explain the true motivation behind the image, and respond to the bullying she has endured from the Trump family.
The attorney got off to a classic, lying start by describing the "controversial photo" as her client "posing with a faux-bloody mask of Donald Trump's face."

"Mask" sounds so, SO much more neutral than "holding up what appeared to be the president's bloody severed head," eh? 

Now, for a margarita, who wants to try to predict the reaction from the Lying Trump-hating Media?  Will it be...
  1.  "This was just a joke and no offense was meant.  And since intent is what matters, leave this poor woman alone!"
  2.   "Rethuglicans say they're for free speech, but actually want to deny freedom of speech to anyone who disagrees with 'em!"
  3.   "Donald Trumpkin (that is SO clever!) is an awful person, so he deserves to be beheaded!"
  4.   "This would never have happened if the Russians hadn't stolen the election from our beloved Hilliary!'s Russia's fault!  And Trump's, cuz 'collusion'!"
  5.   "All good Americans were horrified by Trump's announcement that the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris climate "accord."  Griffin knew this was coming, so she got ahead of the press by showing how outraged Americans would be once the announcement was made!"
BTW, this whole notion that poor Kathy has been bullied by the Trump family is so unreal that I don't blame you for thinking I made it up.  So here's a screenshot of the attorney's tweet:

The Left is insane.  And yet half the country agrees with 'em!


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