Friday, June 2

Liberal students love "wealth redistribution," but oppose redistribution with *grades*

"Redistributing wealth"--i.e. taxing hardworking, successful people to give "freebies" to people who aren't financially successful is a cherished goal of Democrats, socialists and moonbats.  After all, it's only fair, right?

Turns out that while libs are all in favor of wealth "redistribution," a lot of students at a solidly liberal college are totally opposed to a similar plan: grade redistribution.

Armed with video cameras, a conservative student organization asked students if they'd sign a petition to "shave a few points" off the totals of top students and give those points to those with the lowest averages.

"Unexpectedly," students didn't find this idea at all appealing.

But don't worry, Democrats:  Give 'em two more years of indoctrination and they'll have forgotten that they didn't like the idea of "redistribution" and will be back on your reservation.


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