Monday, March 13

Virginia mayor--20 miles from DC--busted for meth, and trading meth for sex. Political party? Not important

Last August the mayor of Fairfax, Virginia--one Richard Silverthorne--was busted for buying and selling meth--and trading meth for sex.

Cops busted the guy, promptly dropped the drug charge because...well, like FBI director James Comey on Hilliary's sending TOP SECRET emails to her unsecured server in violation of federal law: "I would never bring a case on that kind of violation."  Despite the fact that the feds routinely do prosecute the exact same violation by "little people."

So, back to the mayor:  The story broke today, and showed up in, oh, 200,000 places on the Net.  Maybe a hundred original stories, and the rest copies.

Here's USAToday's take.

Read the article.  Notice where USAToday listed the guy's party in that story?

Oh, wait:  They didn't.  And what does that tell you?  Can ya guess?

Here's how the oh-so-unbiased WaPo reported it.

Notice where the WaPo listed the guy's party?  The 19th 'graf.

Here's the oh-so-unbiased CBS.

Where did CBS first mention the guy's party?  The 16th 'graf. 

If this guy had been a Republican his party affiliation would have been mentioned in the first or second 'graf.

But hey, no bias in the lying mainstream media, right?

BTW, I do see that CBS posted the story last August, so kudos to them.  But still...16th 'graf before they mentioned the guy's party.


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