Sunday, March 12

"Queer person of color" at $66,000-per-year college asks white people to pay for her spring break

Pitzer College costs $66,000 per year.  A totally charmless gal from Brooklyn who got a free ride to that "institution" decided she wasn't getting everything she was entitled to, so she decided people should send her money to go on spring break.  Particularly white people.  So she tweeted this:

Ah, gotta love the brilliance of asking for cash from "white allies" by telling them "Remember that everything you are/have is due to the genocide and enslavement of our ppl." !  BTW, Leandra is hispanic, so not sure who she's blaming for "genocide and enslavement of our ppl." 

But really, does it even matter?  SHE thinks it's true, so you're not permitted to ask her for the proof or details.  You raaacist!  After all, whites like Rachel Dolezal can pretend to be black, so you can't complain when a hispanic gal wants to do the same.

And love the frosting: "Yet all I'm asking for is a bit of cash..."  Cuz her free ride of $66,000 per year--courtesy of taxpayers--isn't nearly enough!

Oh, and ya gotta love her description that she needs to go on break to get away from her "toxic institution."  Of course no one told her she could simply drop out, but...well, you know.

In fairness, Pitzer gave her the free ride cuz she scored in the top one percent on her SAT and was taking college engineering courses in high school, so... 

Wait...I mean, she's a world-class pianist who wants to hit the concert circuit.

Oh wait.  She's a rapper.  And lots of folks think that's music, so...  And you don't have to create a resume to hit it big in rappin', so there's that.

So if you find Leandra's demand to be...brazen and...deserving drop her a line and throw some guilt-cash her way.  Cuz she deserves it.


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