Thursday, March 9

Hillary campaign manager was a 'first'--but the media didn't tell you

Robbie Mook managed Hilliary's campaign.  He's gotten scads of air-time on every network except Fox, which is because he refused to appear there.

Did you ever hear any network or media outlet note a major 'first' about Mook-- that he was the first openly homosexual guy to manage a presidential campaign?

No, you didn't.  Of course there's nothing wrong with a campaign manager being gay, but that's not the issue.  Rather, it's that the networks and the Lying Media LOVE to  report "the first ____ to do _____."  This is a big 'first' deal, but not a single media outlet told you about it.

Why not?  Why wasn't this particular 'first' worth noting, though all the others are?

Gee, I can't imagine why they wouldn't have told us.

The link is to Wiki.  I realize...but the page hasn't been edited for over a week, and you'd think if it had been hacked, someone would have caught it in a day or two.


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