Sunday, March 12

Team Obama and the wiretaps, part 2

Ever since the mainstream media succeeded in destroying Joe McCarthy, virtually all Republicans elected to national office have chosen civility and compromise rather than vigorously defending U.S. interests, free enterprise and limited government. 

During this same time the Democratic Party and the Left (now one and the same) have embraced socialism, an all-powerful government and unlimited regulatory power by unelected bureaucrats.  While they wail about the need for Republicans to compromise, they never compromise their own principles.  And they'll use any means to achieve their goals--including violating the Constitution.  

Among the means they use are intimidation, extortion and ridicule of the Republicans, both in congress and presidents.  And they do it without fear of retaliation or even the slightest hint of a vigorous defense or response.

Now, as charges that the Obama administration wiretapped the Trump campaign have finally made it even into the NY Times, the never-ending leaks emanating from Obama holdovers continue to be exploited for Democrat advantage.

With their help of their allies in the mainstream media, Democrats know that any outrageous accusation on their part--like "Republicans want to starve poor children"--will make headlines in every media outlet and will result in Repubs surrendering to Democrat proposals -- all of which are now embedded in American society. 

Given the total success the Dems have had with these tactics, it's no surprise that they thought they could not only wiretap Trump without consequence, but could then illegally leak information which by law is supposedly secret, with the goal of destroying the Trump presidency.

Most of you think such a plan would be far too reckless to be true.  But recall that until the week of the election every expert was supremely confident that Hillary Clinton would win.  Moreover, even if someone blew the whistle on the wiretaps, Team Obama knew they could count on the mainstream media minimizing or rationalizing their lawlessness.

Moreover, another Obama order underscores his real goal:

It's always been U.S. policy that the NSA (the agency that wiretaps most Americans' phone conversations) hasn't been permitted to share the results of wiretaps with other government agencies.  But just 8 days before Trump was inaugurated, Obama issued an executive order reversing this policy, allowing the NSA to share wiretap results with 16 other agencies.

With so many people now having the wiretap results, this new policy ensured that if such information was leaked to the press, no one would be able to find the leakers.

The wiretapping and the deliberate strategy to undermine one’s successor are perhaps the most egregious political actions by any president in American history, far surpassing Watergate.  But the mainstream media will ensure that the public doesn't connect Team Obama to anything illegal.  It'll be reported as "We had solid evidence Trump was talking with the Russians, and...well, that's just awful."

Yeah?  You mean like Obama caught on a hot mike telling the Russian v.p. "After my election I can be more flexible"?

For the past forty years the Lying Media have covered for Democrat officials, allowing them  to get away with virtually anything.  And now, in trying to minimize the illegal leaks of wiretap results, while gleefully reporting the contents of the leaks in their collusion with the Democratic Party elites, they're continuing that long war.

H/T Steve McCann at American Thinker


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