Monday, March 13

Where we stand 15 years after 9/11

The Muslim attack on 9/11 succeeded beyond Osama bin Laden's wildest dreams. 

The U.S. Left seized on the attack as a reason to blame America--as if the attack of 9/11 was a response to the U.S. invading Iraq.

The aftermath of the attack--and all other Muslim attacks on the West--has pitted the West against itself: since most westerners are unable to articulate what the West stands for without being accused of some variant of racism, they're defenseless in the face of withering media/establishment scorn.

How can you have a foreign policy if you don't know what it is you want to preserve, protect and defend?

This will not end well. With no tradition of assimilation or integration in Europe, the Muslim immigrants will only increase their complaints, become more violent in their attacks on Christendom and freedom, and more driven to complete the conquest of the West that their holy book demands.

Europeans foolishly swallowed the Marxist myth of "multiculturalism" -- of equally valid cultures peacefully coexisting side by side in what was once a peaceful, civil state like Holland or Sweden.  Of course it was nonsense.

But it was a nonsense that was incredibly appealing to the Left.
Sweden is dead.  As is France.  It's not that they couldn't recover, even now.  Rather, it's that their political "leaders" have sold them out, and the people have become so submissive that they won't overthrow or kill their politicians until too late to recover.

The only question that remains now is how many Europeans will have to die in order to accommodate a dysfunctional, alien, and hostile culture's desire for domination.

The answer, of course, is those who refuse to convert or pay the jizya.


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