Sunday, March 12

California's high-speed rail: A very rewarding boondoggle

Carolyn Flowers was Obama's Federal Transit Administration chief.

Two days before the emperor left office, Flowers approved a federal grant to install electric power lines for a CalTrain rail line that's a key tie-in for the state's pork-laden $64 Billion high-speed rail project.
A week after she lost her FTA job Flowers began working for a contractor for the Caltrain project.
How does the electrification of Caltrain affect high-speed rail?  Good question.  The bullet train will supposedly eventually link to Caltrain.  Late last year bay-area Democrats wrote legislation that would make $600 million of the $10 billion in high-speed rail bonds that voters approved in 2008 available for electrifying Caltrain. This may be unconstitutional as legislators aren't allowed to amend measures passed by voters, and some taxpayers have sued.

But hey, laws shouldn't be able to stop Democrat legislators, governors or presidents from advancing their goals, right?  I mean, they're just trying to resolve what they've termed "the greatest threat to our national security."  Seriously.

These people are seriously nuts.  But as long as voters keep voting for 'em, they'll keep pouring your tax dollars down a rat-hole.  And taking generous kickbacks, sometimes in the form of six-figure jobs.


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