Monday, March 13

Are there no-go zones in Sweden because of immigrant violence? Are Sweden's pols lying?

As most of you know, Stockholm is the capital of Sweden.  It's a lovely, civilized city that used to have almost no crime.

For several years now Sweden has been suffering from an epidemic of rapes, robberies, selling heroin on the streets and the like, almost entirely by "immigrants," mostly from North Africa.  One of the centers of such crime is a suburb of Stockholm called "Rinkeby."

Rinkeby has been in the news several times recently. It was the scene of riots just after Trump noted that "Sweden is having all those problems," and has also been the site of numerous attacks on journalists, including a 60 Minutes crew from Australia.

Sweden's politicians claim there isn't an "immigrant problem."  When asked point-blank about alleged "no-go zones" that police and firefighters are reluctant to enter, pols claim that's nonsense.  But consider the following vignette and decide who's telling the truth:

There used to be a police station in Rinkeby, but the government closed it in the spring of 2014.  A new station was to be built there and open this summer, but construction hasn't started yet.  In fact the government hasn't even signed a contract for it to be built yet.

That's because no construction company is even willing to bid on the project for fear of violence by immigrants.

The date for bid submission has actually expired, but because there hasn't been a single bid the deadline has been extended several times, still with no result.

So...who do you think is telling the truth:  the nation's politicians, who claim there's no problem with immigrant violence; or a handful of police, who claim violence and drug dealing by immigrants is out of control?

So do you think the Democrats right when they claim "diversity is our strength" and push for open borders?


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