Saturday, March 11

Hilliary campaign manager claims to know contents of wiretaps of Trump phones

We're living in interesting times, no question about it:

If you've been paying attention you've heard claims that
   a) Trump or his aides were talking with Russia or Russian financial figures about something; and
   b) that someone wiretapped one or more of Trump's phones.

Virtually all Democrats believe (a), while Repubs believe (b).  So let's see if the Mainstream Media or Dem officials can shed some light on this:

The Narrative the Dems are going with is that IF any Trump lines were tapped and recorded, it was done solely because Team Obama had excellent, excellent info that Trump was conspiring with the Russians to do...something.  Probably steal the election.  In any case, really really bad.

This Narrative claims there was never any intention to wiretap Trump himself, but the taps may accidentally "picked up" a few words from his assistants.  But purely by accident, see.

Lest you think I made that up, Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook said exactly that, on video.

Mook's statement clearly implies that he knows what's in the wiretaps.

According to journalists Sara Carter and John Solomon (formerly of the the Washington Post, the Washington Times, and AP), a FISA court warrant was granted to federal investigators in October of 2016.

In addition to the FISA warrant in October, the FBI obtained a separate warrant that same month to look into a computer server tied to then-candidate Donald Trump's businesses in Trump Towers (but not located in Trump Towers). According to the report, the feds used traditional investigative techniques to examine allegations of computer activity tied to two Russian banks and there had been no intercepts of Trump’s phone or emails.

The FBI quickly concluded that "the computer activity in question involved no nefarious contacts, bank transactions or encrypted communications with the Russians." 

Of course it's illegal for any federal employee to provide the contents of a wiretap to anyone.  It would be interesting to put Mook under oath and ask him who gave him the contents, since he can't claim any privilege.

In any case, here's what seems to have happened:  Obviously Obama and his minions wanted Hilliary to win, and to do so they decided to wiretap Trump.  To do that, in mid-2016 they went to the FISA court claiming they had really, really good information that Trump was colluding with the Russians about...well, anything...and seeking a wiretap under the provisions of the "Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act."

The FISA court examined Team Obama's claims--and denied the request for a wiretap.  It was only the 12th time that has happened out of 25,000 requests.

But Democrats and totalitarians are never inclined to take "illegal" for an answer, so in October Team Obama went back to the court a second time, again seeking a wiretap.  But this time they didn't name Trump as a target, and the FISA judges approved the tap.

But now a huge problem arises:  Against every single prediction, Hilliary loses the election.

As every expert did, Team Obama assumed Hilliary would win--in which case no one would ever even try to investigate the lies about not wiretapping Trump, or the coverup.

But when Trump won--against all odds--everything changed.

So if the above turns out to be substantively true--and of course that's not known now--it raises several questions for the Dems:
   1.  Did Team Obama omit "material information" in their second request to the FISA court to wiretap Trump's phones?
   2.  How can Robbie Mook--or anyone on Team Obama--legally know the contents of the wiretap?  (They can't--totally illegal.)

One has to wonder whether Mook and the Dems just haven't thought this through, or whether they know they won't be prosecuted or compelled to testify as to the source of this illegal information.

Personally, I suspect the Dems have damaging information on Trump that they haven't released, and are using this to blackmail Trump into not prosecuting even if an investigation turns up solid evidence of a fraudulently-obtained wiretap.  One obvious possible source of that info would be his tax returns, which are almost certainly in their possession, since IRS head Koskinnen has shown that he believes himself to be above all laws.


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