Saturday, March 11

Analyst claims 120,000 Fakebook comments were made by just 100 people

Recently former CBS reporter (and straight-shooter) Sheryl Atkisson had a guy named Ken Brown as a guest.  Brown had posted a criticism of Obamacare on the Obamacare Fakebook page, which generated an avalanche of negative comments.

The experience prompted Brown--a data analyst--to study 225.000 comments on the Obamacare Facebook page.

He claims that 60% of those 225,000 comments--posted under 40,000 different names--were actually done by just 100 people.  And that most of those posts were posted between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Brown also discussed "zombie posts"--comments generated by a computer and posted under a fake profile.
He says it's rampant on social media, and that the programmers have even provided that when a zombie comment is posted, it'll quickly be supported by hundreds of "zombie likes."

I have no idea if this guy is legit, but this squares with my own experience:  Whenever some event critical of a Dem policy or goal is in the news, you'll see the exact same comments--word for word--on a dozen different sites, under different names--supporting the Dems and criticizing the critical story.

Now, I can understand someone posting the same comment on different sites, but why do it under different names--unless you were trying to hide the source?


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