Friday, March 3

Oregon judge lets Mexican national leave her courtroom via her private entrance to avoid ICE agents

In Oregon a Mexican national--apparently illegally in the U.S.--was in Judge Monica Herranz's court for drunk driving.  According to a local TV station, when the judge learned that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents were outside the courtroom she allegedly had the defendant leave her courtroom through her private entrance.  (Click here to see the station's report).

What happens when judges--presumably the people some level of government has hired to enforce the laws of the land--refuse to enforce laws they personally disagree with?

Answer:  Vast numbers of people say "The hell with this, if they don't have to obey the law then I don't either."

The station reports that ICE won't seek charges against the judge, "but she is being investigated for her actions by Chief Judge Nan Waller, who is conducting an internal probe."

It's leftist-paradise Oregon.  Does anyone with an IQ over 90 think the chief judge will take any action whatsoever?

This nation ceased to be a nation of laws when the emperor got away with ordering federal employees not to enforce immigration law, rather than trying to work with congress to change a law he didn't like.

Per that antiquated document "The Constitution," that was an impeachable crime.  But hey...


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