Tuesday, February 28

Interesting times

We live in interesting times.

The world seems divided into at least reasonably good people, and bad ones.  For lack of a better term we might call these folks the Light side and the Dark side.

Those on the Dark-Side would include beheaders, torturers of humans or animals, people who apparently get a perverse delight in inflicting pain.  They hate those who love freedom and self-determination.  This group surely includes ISIS, the regime ruling North Korea, Boko Haram and the like.

Those of the Dark Side have learned that those of the Light Side will not use their technical superiority to crush the Dark--even though the Dark is openly determined to destroy the Light.

And amazingly, within the Light side is an ignorant plurality--possibly even a slim majority--who would gladly help the Dark side crush the Light--even in their own country--because they think themselves somehow magically immune from the consequences of that destruction.

H/T Subotai Bahadur at Belmont.


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