Friday, March 3

Leftist website faking objectivity: "If Obamacare *protections* are weakened, science could suffer"!

If you weren't sure whether outfits like Politico were totally leftist, this should end any doubt:  It's a tweet from them--verified.

You may well wonder how "science" could suffer if Obamacare "protections" are weakened.  

Good question.  Glad you asked.  It's really quite simple, if only your poor, uneducated right-wing brains could understand it.  You probably can't, but the much smarter folks at Politico will try:

See, repealing Obamacare (exalted wonderfulness be upon him) would let you choose your own health insurance, at a lower cost, with far, far lower deductibles than now.  And you'd have a wider choice of doctors, too.  Okay, at first glance this may seem like a good thing, but it's really not.

It's not a good thing because it would represent a defeat for a major goal of the Democrat party. 

Got it?

If that's not enough, it would also prevent a Dem government panel from forcing the current, mandatory health insurance to cover, oh, sex-change operations--which is a basic human right, right?

And the connection to science suffering?  Well, Trump and the Rethuglicans [sic] are anti-science, see?  So by allowing them to prevail on repeal, you're siding with the anti-science forces.  Got it?

Hell, the rethuglicans don't even believe global warming is caused by humans emitting CO2!!!!  How much more anti-science can you get?

So...get with the program, people!  You don't wanna be anti-science, right?  So write your congresscritter and demand that they keep Obamacare.


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