Friday, February 24

Dems have declared: they're all-in for open borders, letting anyone waltz in

Democrats, liberals and "progressives" have declared their allegiance:  they want open borders, under which anyone wanting to come to the U.S. and stay could do so.

Like all liberal ideas, this one has an immediate attraction:  People who support it feel good about themselves, because they're helping people less-fortunate than themselves.

Unfortunately, the experience of damn near every nation in the world shows that open borders--i.e. unrestricted immigration--turns the host society to shit.

Look at the huge increase in crime--particularly rape--in once-peaceful Sweden.  Same for Germany France and the U.K.  Ordinary citizens know it's a disaster, but unfortunately they can't prevent their dictatorial governments from doing what the elites damn well please.

"But..." libs sputter, "OUR immigration policy will be different.  We won't have crime or drugs or rapes here!"

Why? we ask.

"Well...well...well...because we Democrats have it all figured out, that's why.  And we say it'll be fine!"

Ah, I see.  So this would assertion?  As in, totally unsupported by the experience of any other nation?  Y'know, that really sounds persuasive.

"Good!  Glad you're starting to see reason.  Now let us get back to work importing 2500 Somalians to Minot, North Dakota."

You bet.  Oh, just one more question:  If admitting 2500 unvetted Muslim immigrants is such a good thing, why send 'em to a small town in North Dakota?  Why not set up some Section 8 housing in your neighborhood?  Georgetown, is it?  Yes, that sounds perfect.  So, how about it?"

" don't understand anything about...uh...sociology or neighborhood development or...things like that!  These people don't need to be in OUR neighborhoods but in small towns so they'll have a chance to, uh...assimilate better.  Yeah, that's it!"

Ah, I see.  Glad y'all explained that, cuz for awhile there we were starting to think y'all were just hypocritical rat-bastards.


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