Sunday, February 26

Lying Media and Dems demonizing Trump personally, fanning flames in fevered brains

The extraordinary assaults by media, celebrities and jealous politicians against Trump have been unending.  Their attacks include questioning his mental health, repeatedly comparing him to Hitler, declaring him a fascist, insisting he’s a modern-day Manchurian candidate, that he’s a traitor (because Russians!), and on and on.

These aren't reasoned arguments against his policies, but entirely personal attacks.  They're accusations meant to inflame readers or listeners--to instill a sense of fear or anger against the president of the United States.

A great question to ask is, Why would the attackers want to do that?  What's the likely, foreseeable result of creating such a toxic environment?

The same people made the same personal attacks on President Reagan.  Steven Hayward noted “Democratic Rep. William Clay of Missouri charged that Reagan was “trying to replace the Bill of Rights with fascist precepts lifted verbatim from Mein Kampf.”

(For those of you under 30 and educated in public schools, Mein Kampf was a book Hitler wrote before WW2.)

Los Angeles Times cartoonist Paul Conrad drew a panel depicting Reagan plotting a fascist putsch in a darkened Munich beer hall.  (For those under 30, Hitler did that--and only Hitler.)  Harry Stein (who later became a conservative) wrote in Esquire that the voters who supported Reagan were like the “good Germans” in “Hitler’s Germany."

After being endlessly demonized as Hitler by the media, it shouldn’t be surprising that within 90 days of Reagan's inauguration a crazy guy shot him.

John Hinckley shot Reagan to impress a movie star.

The girl had never indicated she disliked Reagan, but the media had so fanned the flames of hate toward Reagan in Democrats and the mentally ill that one of 'em thought he'd be a hero if he shot the president.  After all, everyone in the media and talk shows and Hollywood all agreed that Reagan was a dumb, unhinged fascist who would likely start a nuclear war simply because he was dumb. And evil, of course.

Sound familiar?  Yep, just like today.

So far the barrage of hate and demonization against Trump is virtually identical to what they threw at Reagan.  For example, the Washington Post didn't just go all-in for Hillary: in the middle of the campaign the Post printed an editorial titled,
“Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy.”
Just three days ago the same Post printed a story claiming "Demonic activity was palpable" at a recent Trump rally.

"Demonic activity"?  That's not journalism, it's pure propaganda.

Democrat leaders and the media claim Trump is Hitler or a fascist almost daily.  Leftist website The Hill posted
“A growing number of Democrats are openly questioning President Trump’s mental health. …. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., during a weekend interview with CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ said that ‘a few’ Republican colleagues have expressed concern to him about Trump’s mental health.”
The New Republic, a leftist rag, took the attack to a new low by posting that the president might have an undiagnosed case of syphilis.  Because…why not?  "And if we merely speculate, it's not fake news, hehehehe!"

If the media want to complain about Trump’s policies, fine, but constantly demonizing the president personally is fanning the flames of people who are already pretty far deranged.  It’s a danger to the president, and to all of us.

You'll note that not a single Democrat is standing up and saying "This is over the line!  Stop it."

Why haven't we seen a single Dem objecting?  Two reasons:  First, a huge number of 'em want Trump either impeached or killed.  And second, objecting to The Narrative gets you thrown out of the clan.  No party invites, no talk-show appearances, no air-time.  For a Dem leader that's death.


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