Sunday, February 26

Dems comparing Trump to Hitler note that Hitler ALSO built a wall!

Further to my previous post on Democrats or the Lying Media comparing Trump to Hitler virtually daily, take a look at the poster below, apparently created by an outfit called "Occupy Democrats."

Other than the obvious comparison, check the caption under Adolph:  "Hitler had his Berlin Wall."

For Democrats this makes perfect sense:  The most famous wall in the 20th century was the Berlin Wall--which was built by communist East Germany to keep their own people from fleeing to free, prosperous West Berlin.

(For those of you under 30 and educated in public schools, after WW2 Germany was divided into East and West, with the East run by the Soviet Union, under communism, while West Germany was free.  Germany's capital, Berlin, was similarly divided.  For some reason people in East Berlin kept risking their lives to make it to West Berlin.  There isn't a single case of someone wanting to go the other direction.  Which is odd, cuz the Dems keep telling you socialism is such a great system and all.)

So there was a Wall in Berlin--capital of Germany.  And Hitler was a German leader.  So since Trump = Hitler, and Trump has proposed a wall along our southern border, ergo Hitler must have build the Berlin Wall.

This is what passes for historical accuracy for Democrats--much like the notion that Lincoln (the dude who issued an executive order freeing all slaves in the U.S.) was a Democrat, or that the KKK was a Republican organization.  And on and on.

Okay, for the under-30 crowd:  The Berlin Wall was built in 1961.  Hitler committed suicide in his bunker in 1945.  So obviously Hitler didn't build the Berlin Wall.

But it's just too good a story for the Dems to bother with historical facts, eh?


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