Friday, March 3

Who said "Get in their faces--if they bring a knife, you bring a gun"?

He was talking to his supporters--the folks who jus' love to use violence to intimidate people who don't agree with 'em.  And here's what he said:
"Get in their faces.  If they bring a knife, you bring a gun."
Trump, right?

At least, it certainly sounds like something the NYTimes or WaPo would say Trump said, doesn't it?

So naturally the Times and Post and all the Dem-loving rags went ballistic over it, screaming that that was an awful thing to say, and how NO reasonable president should imply that his supporters should use violence against members of the opposition party.  How utterly awful!

Oh wait...that line wasn't spoken by Trump.  Anyone know who said it?

That would be...your former emperor, Obama.

And the Dem-loving Mainstream Media didn't print a single word criticizing him for saying it.

Now imagine how the same media would react if Trump said exactly the same thing.

I think we're done here.


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