Friday, February 24

WaPo article claims "demonic activity was palpable" at Trump rally. But they're not biased at all

How much has the Washington Post departed from "journalism" to 'get' Trump?  Consider this headline from just two days ago:

‘Demonic activity was palpable’ at Trump’s rally, pastor says

Yes, the WaPo is seriously quoting an American religious figure who claims "demonic activity was palpable' at Trump's recent rally in Florida.

Has the Post ever treated charges of "demonic activity" seriously before?  No.  But now, as with all the Democrats and Leftists, nothing's off-limits.

You have to dig way down in the comments to learn that the pastor who made the comments--and his remarks are the entire article--was loudly pro-Hillary and anti-Trump before the election.  When this was pointed out by several commenters, a single commenter replied 8 times "But that doesn't invalidate the man's observations," as if the Trump-hater could be counted on to be totally objective about sensing "demonic activity."

I'm not a Trump fan, but this sort of nakedly partisan propaganda posing as "journalism" got old a long time ago.  It's obvious that the WaPo and the rest of the left-wing lying media are trying their best to destroy Trump and his supporters.


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