Friday, March 3

How false leftist moonbat claims--and Lying Media stories--become conventional wisdom

Wanna see how one of the many ways false statements by moonbats (low-info lefties) or Lying Media become an unquestioned meme?  Read on:

The Times and WaPo and every leftist piece-of-shit lying media outlet in the country keep telling you Trump's stupid, right?  So here comes a singer/actor--Bette Midler--to reinforce this meme:
So Trump says "4000 people shot in Chicago in 2016," but Bette cites the local paper as saying "762 homicides."

"See?  See?!  Didn't we tell ya?  Trump lies!"  Or maybe just stupid, whatever outrages you more.

But how 'bout we check with the Chicago Tribune.  Take a look:

Ooooh, see the "4,367 shooting victims" for 2016?

But...but...but...that would mean...Trump was right. 

Midler confused "shooting victims"--people who were, y'know, shot--with fatal shootings.  Typical leftist error (if it was an error instead of a clever, deliberate mislead).

Now:  How many folks who read Bette's tweet would bother checking the actual, y'know, numbers, to see if she was telling the truth?

Maybe one out of a thousand.

How many people in the Lying Media know her claim was crap but chose to say nothing, and let the false, snide inference ride?

Every one of 'em who saw her tweet.

For the Left it's mission-accomplished.  Furthers The Narrative.


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