Wednesday, December 14

San Francisco city pols considering plan to give illegals free legal counsel

For years now San Francisco and other Democrat-run cities have refused to cooperate with federal immigration laws.  Specifically, if an illegal who's wanted for serious crimes committed in some other state is jailed by city cops for theft or murder or rape or assault or similar, the fact that the feds want to find him pops up on the local cops' computer.

It's standing procedure that the federal agency called "ICE" (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) wants the city to hold such detainees until the feds can pick 'em up and turn him over to whatever state has charged for him with a crime.

San Fran (and other so-called sanctuary cities) flatly refuse to do this.  So if the state of California can't convict on its own (or often simply doesn't want to go to trial, cuz...sanctuary city), the perp is released.

Good deal, huh?  And it's about to get better for illegals and worse for the rest of us.

San Fran city supervisors are considering a proposal that would give illegal immigrant residents free legal counsel in deportation proceedings.  Seriously.

"Activists" pushing for illegal aliens to be able to stay as long as they want recently gathered outside city hall to demand that the city give legal representation to illegal aliens--"for free."

County supervisor David Campos argued that everyone in America deserves the same access to public resources, even if they are in the U.S. illegally.  The proposal would reportedly cost San Francisco taxpayers $5 million a year.

So not only are taxpayers being forced to cover the costs of welfare, housing and education for illegals, now Democrats who run leftwing cities are about to add "free" attorneys.

Well, not really free, obviously.  If you live in one of those cities, you're paying for it.  But certainly free to the illegals and the pols who are salivating for their votes.

So...under the brilliant emperor Obozo, not only are U.S. border patrol agents ordered to let everyone waltzing across the border come on it, they give 'em rides the rest of the way.  Then another of the myriad federal wastes--the Office of Refugee Resettlement--pays to fly 'em to wherever U.S. city they want to live in, and then the Dems will give 'em free legal assistance to fight any effort to deport 'em.

What a fabulous plan!  How many more hundreds of thousands will this convince to head north?


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