Friday, December 2

The Dems, the Left and the future of identity politics

In the aftermath of the election conservatives are having an intense debate about what the results mean for the future of the nation.

Optimists claim that liberals/Democrats have branded themselves as the party of "identity politics"--a collection of dozens of different special-interest groups united only in their hate for whites, Christians, and in some cases white men, specifically. 

Most of these groups claim to champion "tolerance" and inclusivity, but in reality most seem to be characterized by anger and hate.  Optimistic conservatives contend that the Democrat party can't keep all these groups satisfied because many of the goals of the various groups are so different.  They claim that the various "identity groups" will rebel against the party.

Example:  Democrats support open borders and unrestricted immigration of so-called "refugees" from Muslim countries.  The Dems are a whisker away from electing the nation's only Muslim congressman to head the DNC.  It wouldn't be a stretch to say they'd welcome sharia law in the U.S.  Yet Islam denounces homosexuality far more vehemently than any other religion.  ISIS throws gays off of buildings.  Hard to see how those two facts can be reconciled.

And yet...gays still overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

If we had an honest, objective media they could highlight these contradictions by, say, asking congressman Keith Ellison whether he personally supports gay marriage, or condemns the execution of gays by ISIS.  Unfortunately no member of the Lying Media would even imagine being so rude as to even imagine asking such a question.

I doubt the Dems will ease up on pushing identity politics, because the theme is firmly embedded in the Lying Media, universities, so-called "elites" and even in the corporate world.  It's been a winner for the Dems for decades, and they're not going to abandon in.

In fact they will fight hard and ruthlessly to keep it going.

This is their religion.  And religions don't die easily.


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