Thursday, December 8

Emperor says "Islam has a tradition of tolerance"--he really said that--as ISIS throws gays off rooftops...again

The 7th-century thugs of ISIS--who, the emperor and all Democrats assure us, have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam--have shown their solidarity with western gays by...throwing an accused homosexual man off the top of a building.  [Warning: graphic pic below.]

But wait...didn't the emperor say something about how Islam had a "proud tradition of tolerance"?

Of course that was a long, looooong time ago--probably before the liberal media existed, which is why no one can recall it.  Oh wait, here it is:

Looks like the emperor's assessment of Islam is as accurate as his take on...everything else.

So is the pic below an example of that "proud tradition of tolerance" the emperor cited?  If the act below doesn't accurately represent the authentic position of Islam, let's hear a dozen "moderate" Imams say just exactly that.

Let's hear muslim congressman Keith Ellison--running for chairman of the Democrat National Committee--announce before all the cameras that Islam "proudly tolerates" homosexual acts.

None of the above will happen, of course.  Why not?  Because Islam regards homosexuality as an abomination and says it should be punished by death.  And lest you think it's just the thugs of ISIS who think this, you should know that the self-proclaimed "Islamic republic of Iran"--which of course has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam--regularly executes gays.  (They're more civilized:  they hang 'em instead of throwing 'em off buildings.)

So imams and Ellison can't say executing homosexuals is wrong without running afoul of a million Muslims who think that's what their book commands.  And they aren't willing to do that.

Isn't it odd that not a single reporter from the Left-wing Lying Media is willing to ask Ellison or CAIR to denounce this?  Shows you their true sympathies.


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